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There are more than 9 billion land animals slaughtered every year for food in the United States.

These animals are sentient beings that feel pain, have emotions, and their own distinct personalities.  They are born into a system that treats them as commodities, as things, instead of the living beings that they are. They spend their shortened lives being mutilated, tortured and abused only to end that life in complete fear as they are slaughtered for human consumption. Many of them die from illness and disease even before they are sent to slaughter and are considered the cost of doing business. You can help end this unnecessary suffering by choosing a plant based diet and vegan lifestyle!

BEEF CATTLE: Cattle production is a $78 billion a year industry in the United States. In 2015 there were 28.74 million cattle slaughtered (78,740 per day...3280 per hour...54 every minute) The total beef consumed in the US was 24.8 billion pounds. (source: National Cattlemen's Beef Association 2017)

DAIRY CATTLE: The dairy industry would like you to think all their cows are happy and healthy and gladly giving their milk. Unfortunately this is not the case. Dairy cows are continually impregnated to keep them producing milk.(No, cows don't just continuously produce milk and need to be milked for their own good.). Their babies are then taken away shortly after birth causing the mother cows great anguish. It's been said that they will cry out for weeks searching for their babies. This continues for about 5-6 years when the milk production begins to decline and they are sent to slaughter to be used as pet food or other cheap meat not available for human consumption. Their natural lifespan is about 20 years.


The female calves born into the dairy industry are destined to become a dairy cow just like their mom and repeat the cycle over and over. The male calves will most likely be sent off to live their very short lives in veal crates, usually chained to a tiny house much like a dog house unable to walk or move about. They are mostly fed a liquid diet for only 18-20 weeks and are then brought to slaughter. 

Cows are very social animals forming close friendships and spending much of their time with those friends. They can hold grudges and dislike certain individuals. They are devoted mothers, often known for travelling miles to find their babies. They are extremely curious and investigate their surroundings. (

If you would like more information please see The Truth Behind Beef & The Truth Behind Dairy at

PIGS: In the US there are over 115 million pigs slaughtered every year for food. Their natural lIfespan is about 8 years but they are slaughtered anywhere from a few months to a few years old. The average age of slaughter is 6 months.

Industrial pig farms are very polluting to the planet. The waste material is stored in huge pools and then spread out into nearby fields. The waste material is harmful to the neighboring communities causing health problems in the residents. The waste also gets carried out into the ocean causing damage to the oceans.

In IQ tests, Pigs have been shown to be as smart, if not smarter, than dogs and chimpanzees. They have the ability to learn new skills easily enjoy playing games. They exhibit complex social behaviors. They love and snuggle with their babies and have been known to sing to them.

If you would like more information please see :The Truth Behind Pork

CHICKENS: There are more than 8 billion chickens raised annually for food in the US alone. On top of that there are more than 300 million chickens being raised for egg production. 

Chickens naturally live for around 6-7 years, but chickens are typically slaughtered at only 6 - 14 weeks of age.

Chickens raised for eggs are typically kept in such tight living conditions that they frequently become ill and their life expectancy is only about 2 years. 

Chickens would naturally only lay around 20-30 eggs per year but industrial hens lay around 275 per year. At the end of their lifespan they are frequently forced into a last round of egg laying by means of starvation or a reduced nutritional diet for 14 days. This causes the chickens to loose all their feathers and lay many eggs for one last time. ( Male chicks born into the egg industry (approx. 260 million a year) are considered waste and are disposed of shortly after birth either by being ground up alive, gassed or electrocuted.

  • Scientists have shown that mother hens display signs of empathy for their baby chicks. 

  • Chickens are able to recognize over 100 individuals and can also recognize humans.

  • Chickens have over 30 types of vocalization that we are aware of with different meanings such as calling chicks, warning calls, and sharing food location.

  • Chickens are able to understand that when an object is taken away and hidden that it is exists. (source:                           


If you would like more information please see The Truth Behind Poultry & The Truth Behind Eggs at

TURKEYS: Every year in the United States 236 million Turkeys killed. 45 million for Thanksgiving alone and 22 million for Christmas. Male turkeys are bred to have enlarged breasts and therefore cannot breed naturally. All turkey breeding is done by artificial insemination. Turkeys on factory farms are crowded into giant warehouses leaving them very little room to move around. They routinely have part of their beaks removed without anesthesia or pain medication. When turkeys are sent to slaughter they are shackled up by their feet to a moving cable which brings them to a rotating blade that slices their throat and drains their blood.(source: Runkle, Nathan, and Gene Stone. Mercy for Animals: One Man's Quest to Inspire Compassion, and Improve the Lives of Farm Animals. Avery, an Imprint of Penguin Random House, 2017.)

  • Turkeys form strong social bonds with their families and flock mates.

  • Turkeys fiercely protect their babies like any mother would.

  • The color of their head and throat will change according to their moods.

  • Turkeys can run 25 MPH and Fly at 55 MPH.     


If you would like more information please visit:

Thankfully there are many groups working to change this... Animal Rights Organizations & Activists, Farm Sanctuaries, and groups like us!


There are many farm animal sanctuaries across the US... Go to to find one near you! These sanctuaries are working hard to educate the public on what really happens to farm animals and to show the benefits of a plant based diet. 

We encourage you to visit a farm sanctuary to see just how amazing these animals really are and how much they deserve (like every dog and cat) to live a long and happy life full of love. It will change your mind (and your life) forever.

Vegan....because my body is not a graveyard.

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